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The Alaskan Scottish Club, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, proudly embodies the spirit of Scottish culture, joyously sharing it with our community. Our passion is brought to life through lively ceilidhs, vibrant events, engaging workshops, and convivial social gatherings, all unfolding across the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska throughout the year. Our mission is to share the spirit of Scotland, making every event a grand Scottish fling.

Become a Member


Immerse yourself in the vibrant Scottish culture with the Alaskan Scottish Club! Our club is a fun-filled hub of cultural learning and socializing. Participate in our myriad of events and feel the warmth and charm of Scottish traditions. With an Alaskan Scottish Club membership, you unlock a year-long journey of incredible Scottish-themed events in Alaska. From the enchanting Burns Night Dinner to the festive St. Andrew’s Night, from the unique Kirkin' O' The Tartan to the thrilling Alaska Scottish Highland Games, we've got it all! And guess what? Your membership gets you exclusive discounts to all ASC events. Plus, you will receive the Tundra Thistle in your inbox, our informative monthly newsletter.


Join the ASC today!

A single membership costs just $15, and for a family, it's only $30!

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Scholarship Program


Unleash your potential with the ASC's Education Assistance Program! It's not just a scholarship program, it's a gateway to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Scottish culture. Dive deep into the rhythm of Scottish music, feel the thrill of traditional sports, sway to the beats of highland dance, and explore the rich heritage through literature and art. An unparalleled opportunity to broaden your horizons and join a community that shares your passion. Don't just learn about Scottish lore, live it!

Apply today and become part of the Scottish Club's vibrant and growing family.

Tundra Thistle Newsletter


The Tundra Thistle, the newsletter of the Alaskan Scottish Club, is published approximately 11 times each year. Subscription is by membership to the Alaskan Scottish Club. Send articles for publication, membership info, and advertising rate inquiries to:


Editor, Tundra Thistle, Alaskan Scottish Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 244416 Anchorage, AK 99524-4416


Scot of The Year

The "Scot of the Year" is a prestigious accolade, unveiled at the grand Burns' Night dinner every year. Handpicked by the club's president, it's an award that shines a spotlight on phenomenal achievements and invaluable contributions made by a club member over the year. It's a moment that encapsulates the spirit of the club, as we raise our glasses in honor of the exceptional individuals that enrich our community.

2023 Scot of The Year: Dixine Schiavi

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Order of The Thistle


The Order of the Thistle represents the pinnacle of recognition within the Alaskan Scottish Club, conferred solely to those stalwarts who've unfailingly championed the club's cause through years of unwavering support and significant contributions to various events and activities. This prestigious accolade is an emblem of enduring commitment, exceptional effort, and unparalleled devotion, evident in their active engagement in the board, games, and other events. The award holds a timeless charm, serving as a lasting acknowledgement of their invaluable service and is also an ideal commemoration for those stepping back from club responsibilities.

Alaskan Scottish Club Tartan


The Tartan seen here on our website is the official “Alaskan Scottish Club” Tartan. It was designed in 1991 by Alice Dillbeck for the Club. It was registered in 2013 with The Scottish Register of Tartans.

  • Rose
    Rose reflects a winter sunset on Denali’s lofty top, a summer offer of shooting stars, and wild rose hips.

  • Green
    Green suggests magnificent forests, short stalk sedge, lingonberry, and saxifrage.

  • Gold
    Gold recalls the great North Star, the miners’ golden dream, tamarack, birch, and aspen mirrored in a stream.

  • White
    The ice, the snow, the lights of the Auroras.

  • Blue
    Blue is for the sky, forget-me-nots, the open sea, the deep cold azure of lakes, the glaciers’ mysterious hue, and for the Scottish origins of many Alaskans.

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